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Crew Membership

Choose from over 150 event days of racing, training and a whole host of coastal and channel adventures. Whether experienced or taking to the water for the first time, our crew memberships provide flexible access to our busy event programme at a very affordable price.

Explore the beautiful UK and French coastlines on our channel adventures, race at some of the UK's top regattas or join our training days and improve your skills. Ideal for individuals and groups/families, our crew packages give you an allocation of points per year to spend on events as you choose from our event calendar– it’s that simple and that flexible. 

Our 3 “reference” crew plans are:



Our most popular crew plan: Crew 270  

Our Crew 270 plan could provide a year’s boating that looks like any ONE of the following: 

  • 18 event sailing days
  • 12 race event days 
  • 12 event motor cruising days
  • OR around 14 days on a mix of events

To build your own personalised schedule from the example crew plans listed above please contact us for an events points table or download our full membership brochure

Additional Charges 

Joining - A one-off joining fee of £300 applies to all new members and anyone rejoining after a break in membership.

How to Save:

Save 5% by paying annually.

Save a further 5% by committing for 2 years.