Our three most popular membership plans can all be customised to suit your needs. The right plan for you depends on your boating experience and preferred boat types, plus how often and when you want to be on the water.

Fleet membership is ideal if you:

 - Have the experience to skipper boats

 - Enjoy variety in motor/sail boat and location

 - Want maximum booking flexiblity

 - Like the option to join club events 





Crew membership is ideal if you:

 - Can't or don't wish to skipper

 - Want to extend your boating skills

 - Enjoy having fun and meeting new people 

 - Struggle to find crew 





Training membership is ideal if you:

 - Are getting afloat for the first time

 - Want a clear pathway to skippering

 - Are looking to gain RYA qualifications 

 - Prefer a bespoke training plan




Not sure which plan would suit you best? Don't like any of these plans?

Don't worry! Just give us a call and we'll arrange something that suits you.