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Everyone is talking about Pure Latitude these days...
Read our review in Yachts and Yachting by Sarah Norbury (May 2016)

"Peer-to-peer is the buzz phrase at the moment but there are well established ways in which boat owners make money while others benefit from sailing without having to commit to yacht ownership.
Pure Latitude is a 'membership boating club' with a fleet of 20 boats based in seven locations in England, Scotland and Wales. Their boats belong to the company and 'owner members' who make their yacht available for a certain number of days a year in return for a monthly income, free insurance, free professional maintenance and a proportion of the running costs as well as use of the other boats in the fleet.
`Fleet members' get pure pay-and-play with no responsibility for boat maintenance or any other costs.
The club puts on social events, races and training days giving members the chance to meet others, build their crewing network and improve their skills.
For £475 per month you could take family and friends on a Dufour 375 cruiser from Plymouth one weekend, a J/109 from Hamble the next time, or a cruise the Thames on a motor yacht from Windsor, among many options.
Or if you prefer sailing the same boat from the same location each time, the monthly fee is £325. If you want to sail as a crew, Associate Membership is £100 per month plus a joining fee, giving access to training, social events and crewing on other members' boats."







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