Mentoring - Now Is The time

This time of year is perfect to improve your skills through the Pure Latitute Mentoring programme

Unlike conventional sailing courses, Pure Latitude doesn’t rely on a rigid preset syllabus; instead, it tailors the training to the particular requirements of each individual, starting with a thorough skills assessment, agreeing on the objectives to be achieved and then putting together a one-off programme that meets the person’s needs as comprehensively and effectively as possible – whether they’re relatively inexperienced, looking for a formal RYA qualification or anywhere in between.

An expert mentor provides one-to-one tuition, advice and support, and the company’s entire fleet is available to members to gain experience in a variety of sail and powerboats.

“The ‘one size fits all’ approach can’t possibly suit everyone involved in sailing,” says Pure Latitude MD, Martin Gray, “and once you recognise that simple fact, then you can develop an alternative that’s much more appropriate, constructive and successful.”

The mentoring service is yet another benefit that Pure Latitude brings to sailing, with its unique points-based membership offering an unrivalled combination of choice and flexibility, ease of use and affordability.

In the current economic climate, that last factor has become increasingly important, and Pure Latitude membership enables sailing and power boating enthusiasts to enjoy all the pleasure and exhilaration without any major capital outlay, no maintenance, mooring or insurance costs, and none of the hassles and headaches that inevitably come with ownership.

Pure Latitude will be on stand berth M494 at the Southampton Boat Show