Fleet News June 09

Fleet News
June 30th, 2009

Round the Island Success

Last weekend Pure Latitude members who were new to racing took part in
the famous Round the Island Race. Pure Latitude’s Martin Gray skippered a
race crew and three members to join the  1800 boat fleet for this unique 50
mile race around the Isle of Wight.
The conditions included a bit of everything, from light airs to plently
of breeze to no wind at all. Everyone was challenged by these conditions
and with quite a bit of adverse tide the trip took a little longer than
usual. Our X-37, Pure Attitude, got round in ten and a half hours, crossing
the line just before 7pm and finishing within the upper quartile, a very
creditable performance.

Join us for Cowes Week

Building on this experience, we will now be offering further opportunities
for members to experience the thrill of yacht racing.
Next up is Cowes Week. Pure Latitude is offering members the opportunity
to take part in this major event which runs from August 1^st  to 8^th. With
over 1,000 boats and 8,500 competitors taking part, it is a huge regatta
with a unique festival atmosphere as well as lots of challenging sailing.
If you would like to experience Cowes Week as a participant, contact Pure
Latitude for more information.