Yacht Charter Hamble

The Hamble Alternative to chartering
Thinking about chartering a boat? There’s an alternative you might not have considered. A boat membership club on the Hamble, Pure Latitude offers great flexibility and exceptional value for money for all of your boating needs. When you become a member you can enjoy year-round access to an array of boats ranging from luxury yachts to powerboats. 

Always available 

Unlike with traditional boat charter on the Hamble, Pure Latitude offers you boat availability throughout the year. An issue with chartering can be that boat owners naturally tend to want to use their boats for themselves at the peak times of year. That means that boats become more expensive and more difficult to reserve during the high season. 

With Pure Latitude you simply book a boat for a specific period and it’s yours to use during that time. Whether you want to take out your family for a cruise in a Dufour 382 or enjoy an exhilarating day out in an Antares 7.80, Pure Latitude makes it easy. 

Take the boat wherever you want 

Unlike some boat charters, Pure Latitude doesn’t place any restrictions on how far you can take the boat, as long as you have the boat back in time and let the club know if you’re planning to go further than 20 miles from the base. So whether you’re looking for a relaxed sail on the Hamble or you’re planning to cross the channel to moor in France, it’s no problem. You can head west to the beaches of Cornwall or east to the charms of Brighton Marina, it’s all up to you. 

Convenient and simple

Boat club membership can also offer a far more convenient experience than chartering. Pure Latitude’s easy-to-use online booking system allows you to easily book the boat you want while avoiding the aggravation of dealing with individual owner’s restrictions or negotiating the price. If you choose, you can take out the same boat regularly which can give you the chance to get to know the idiosyncrasies of the vessel. If you’re used to a boat you’ll be able to spend more time relaxed and having fun out on the water instead of trying to get to know an unfamiliar craft. You only need to attend one brief per boat so if you choose to take out the same boat again, you can head straight out onto the Hamble and beyond without having to deal with the formalities over and over again. 

Benefits of membership 

Another great reason to choice Pure Latitude is you will benefit from the support of expert staff and fellow club members. If you need help or advice you can get in contact and the team will be happy to offer any assistance to help make sure your boating experience is everything it should be. 

The club regularly organises socials events including races and flotillas where you can meet likeminded boaters. And if you require any training Pure Latitude can provide everything from fully certified courses to one-to-one tuition.