Yacht Charter Conwy

Conwy Alternative to Chartering

If you’re considering chartering a boat in Conwy, we’ve got a fantastic alternative for you. Pure Latitude is a membership boat club based at the marina in Conwy. Enjoying a beautiful location sitting at the mouth of the River Conwy, membership of the club offers year-round access to a boat without the cost of ownership or the complications of chartering. 

Better availability

If you’ve ever tried to charter a boat you’ll know that it can be a very frustrating process. Boats never seem to be available when you want them – this is due to the fact that the owners of the boats are more likely to use them during peak times. Not only are they harder to get hold of, you’ll often be forced to pay extortionate rates.

Pure Latitude offers a different way; simply book a boat for the dates you want it and it’s all yours over that time. You pay a stable monthly fee too, so it will never cost you more money to take out a boat at the most popular times.

More convenient

If you find chartering a real hassle, you’re not alone. That’s why many of our members have chosen to switch to Pure Latitude for all of their boating needs. Pure Latitude has an easy-to-use online booking system that makes it easy to get the boat at the time that you want without having to deal with specific owners’ rules or negotiating on a price. 

Another convenient feature of the club is that you only need to attend one briefing per boat – there’s no constant repetition of the formalities. This means you’ll have more time out on the water having fun. It’s also very useful to be able to take out the same boat regularly; it gives you the time to get used to the vessel so you can enjoy your time on the waves. 

No destination limitations

Many boat charters will place restrictions on where you can take the boat or how far you can go. Pure Latitude doesn’t place any limitations on you, as long as you have the boat back in time and tell the club if you’re going more than 20 miles from the base.
So whether you’re simply planning a relaxed cruise along the River Conwy or you want a day trip to the Isle of Man, it’s all up to you. And with the amazing range of locations in easy reach you’ll love the freedom on offer. 

The additional benefits

Being a member of Pure Latitude means you can always ask for expert instruction and help. Experienced staff are available to provide you with guidance or assistance and you can also count on follow members for advice. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if there’s anything that you need.
The club also takes the time to organise social events and gatherings. Members can get involved in races and flotillas to meet likeminded people and have some fun. It’s also possible to get any sort of training you need from the club too – get in contact for more information.