Boat Charter Windsor

Windsor Alternative to Chartering

Considering chartering a boat in Windsor? We have a fantastic alternative option to offer you. Pure Latitude membership boat club offers access to boats all year round without many of the drawbacks of traditional chartering. With great flexibility and even better value for money, you can have access to a boat whenever you need it. 

Better availability

If you regularly charter boats you’ll know that getting the boat you want during peak times can be a lot of trouble. As you might expect, boat owners are more likely to make use of their boats during the most popular times of the year and this can make it far more expensive and difficult to book at the times that you want them. 

Pure Latitude’s system works differently, so if you want a boat for a specific period you simply book it online and it’s yours for that time. With a simple, flat monthly fee you’ll never pay more to take the boat at peak times either. This can offer peace of mind and keep you from getting frustrated if you can’t find the boat you want. 

No restrictions on destinations

You may have chartered a boat and then found that the owner has placed quite specific rules on exactly where you’re allowed to take the boat. This could be enormously frustrating if you’ve already got your sailing planned only to be told that it’s not permitted.

Pure Latitude does not place any restrictions on where you’re allowed to travel, as long as you tell the club if you’re planning to go further than 20 miles from the base and you ensure that the boat is returned on time. So whether you’re simply looking for half a day of light cruising along the Thames or you want to head all the way down to London to explore the city, it’s up to you. 

A highly convenient option

Boating club membership can also be a far more convenient option than traditional chartering. Once you’re a member you can make use of Pure Latitude’s simple online booking system to get the boat you want exactly when you want it. This means you avoid having to negotiate a price or deal with owners’ restrictions. 

You only need to attend one briefing for each boat you take out. This might seem like a trivial detail but it makes a big difference if you don’t have to go through the standard procedures every time you charter a boat – it gives you more time to actually get out on the water and have fun.

On the same note, if you choose to take the same boat out regularly you’ll have the chance to learn the boat and get used to it. This will mean that you’ll have more time each session for relaxed sailing. 

Additional benefits

Pure Latitude membership means you can benefit from the advice and support from both our expert staff as well as fellow club members. If you need help at any point feel free to get in contact and the team will offer anything you need to ensure you have a great boating experience. 

The club also offers a range of training options and even arranges social activities for members. You can join in with races or flotillas or attend events with like minded boaters.