About Us

Martin Gray - Founder

Martin has been sailing for longer than he cares to remember. Having raced and cruised over the years in many boats in many locations, he realised that owning one type of boat in one location is actually quite restrictive. Add in the undeniable truth that boats spend far too much time moored up in the marina, and he saw the scope to create a yacht share model for like-minded sailors who want variety and flexibility in their sailing.

Martin’s business background in asset optimization got him thinking about ways to improve utilisation. After exploring and evaluating a number of fractional sailing options, he came up with the unique Pure Latitude membership boating club model that provides flexibility and choice at the same time as making more efficient use of the fleet. The result delivers the ideal boating experience, all at a cost level that compares very favourably to other models.


Ian Bartlett - Sales and Membership - ian@purelatitude.com 

Ian has over 15 years experience running cruising and racing boats for private owners. With this background, he understands how to maximise members time on the water. He is your first point of contact for all sales and membership related queries. Please call or email and he'll be happy to help.


Ifan James - Chief Instructor and Training Manager - ifan@purelatitude.com

Ifan is our man on the water. He runs our induction, training and event programmes. As a life long sailor, his experience and knowledge is invaluable to all members looking to improve their skills. He is your first point of contact for all training, induction and event queries.


Roland Harper - Maintenance - roland@purelatitude.com

As an RYA instructor, with an extensive background in yacht maintenance, Roland brings military precision to our maintenance programme. He is meticulous in his preparation of the boats and ensuring the boats are ready to go every time you arrive for a booking. He is your first point of contact for all maintenance and boat related queries.