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Take your pick from a wide range of sail and power boats

Our range of boats reflects our members’ needs, from easy to handle sailboats to spacious, steady motor cruisers. Whether you’re new to boating or an experienced sailor, there’s plenty to choose from. We also offer training and support to help you develop your skills and go further afield.


Cruising sailboats

Cruise with plenty of space and comfort. These easy-going all-rounders let you enjoy the elegance of a sailboat with all the creature comforts you need for a genuinely relaxing break.

Cruising sailboats are ideal for family holidays. You’d be surprised just how much space there is on board, and how easy they are to sail. Perfectly manageable with just a two-person crew, these are a great bet for lazy summer weekends in the Solent.


Dufour 325 (Ipswich) Pure Inspiration       Dufour 325 Lizzie   Hanse 345   Dufour 375 (Plymouth) Pure Escape    Dufour 375 Kaboodle      Dufour 382 Diamond Days        Hallberg Rassy 36 Mister Rhino         Hanse 375 (Conwy) Epiphany


Performance sailboats

If you’re an experienced sailor who enjoys getting the most out of your boat, you’ll love our range of performance cruisers. With more controls to tweak, faster hulls and bigger sail areas, they’re bound to bring out your competitive side, and get you to your destination in no time at all.

Ever wondered about poking your bow over a start line? Join us on a race weekend to see what these boats can really do.


X Yachts 37 Pure Attitude       Dufour 34 Pure Magic       Winner 9 Wahoo


Motor cruisers

Fancy a stress-free weekend on the water? These are the ticket. Motor cruisers give you greater certainty over your day, because their speed means you can go when you want and don’t have to worry so much about tides. This means shorter journeys and more time to enjoy the destination. There’s also less need for a skilled crew.

Our powerful motor cruisers cover plenty of ground and comfortably accommodate up to six people overnight.


Beneteau Antares 30 Plan B       Aquador 32 Pura Vida       Bavaria 35 Sport Broke the Bank       Fairline Squadron 42 Pure Harmony


Power boats

Power boats are all about freedom. There’s nothing like a high-speed blast and we offer a range of fast, stable boats that are perfect for the job.

When people come to Pure Latitude with no motor boating experience, they start off in our rib. Easy to handle but with plenty of power, a day on the rib is nothing short of exhilarating. Take the kids for an afternoon blast to Portsmouth, pop to the island for lunch or nab the ultimate front-row seats to the next Solent event.


Ballistic Rib 6.5 Pure Petrol      Antares 7.80 Erlang      Antares 7.80 (Poole) Pure Kicks


River cruisers

Easy to handle and with enough space for a week with the family, river cruisers are made for easy cruising through tranquil waterways. They’re all about stress-free boating and they provide a very different experience from boating on the sea.

Our Stevens 34 is moored at Windsor and it’s just the thing for a laid-back cruise up the Thames to Bray, Marlow and beyond. Relax and watch the world go by.


Stevens 34 (Windsor) Pure Carma


Find Out More

We are proud of our fleet of boats and we would love you to start enjoying them too. We are always happy to chat about how we can get you out on the water - feel free to call us on 02380 001234 or email info@purelatitude.com.


You can also find out more about the benefits of joining Pure Latitude as well as our membership options available.


We maintain very good availability across our fleet and can get you sailing or power boating this week!




The Winner 9 Yacht at Sea
The Dufour 325 Yacht at Sea
The Dufour 34 Yacht at Sea
The Hanse 345 Yacht at Sea
The Hallberg-Rassy 36 Yacht at Sea
The X Yachts 37 Yacht at Sea
The Dufour 375 Yacht at Sea
The Dufour 382 Yacht at Sea
The Dufour 375 (Plymouth) Yacht at Sea
The Dufour 325 (Ipswich) Yacht at Sea
The Hanse 375 (Conwy) Yacht at Sea


The Ballistic Rib 6.5 Power Boat at Sea
The Antares 7.80 Power Boat at Sea
The Beneteau Antares 30 Power Boat at Sea
The Aquador 32 Power Boat at Sea
The Bavaria 35 Sport Power Boat at Sea
The Fairline Squadron 42 Power Boat at Sea
The Antares 7.80 (Poole) Power Boat at Sea
The Stevens 34 (Windsor) Power Boat at Sea